A trio of gooberheads robbed a young man and young woman on Wednesday night in the Excelsior district using nothing more than a water gun. While waiting for a bus near Naples Street and Persia Avenue about 11 p.m. three boogerbrains approached the couple, pulling out what appeared to be a real gun.

SF Examiner's Mike Aldax has more: "After the goons demanded property, [Police Officer Gordon] Shyy said, the woman handed over her cellphone. They then turned their attention — and the gun — on the man. When he tried to hand over his belongings, the armed suspect pulled the trigger."

That's when one of the suspects fired... a clean shot of water. Squirt.

Unfortunately, as the young male victim tried wresting the gun away, one of the cavity creeps pistol whipped him on the head. The three jerkazoids then fled on foot. No arrests have been made.

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