A San Jose mother, perhaps in search of attention, concocted a story about a man dressed in a ball cap and bluejeans, smelling of motor oil, who came up to her yard and tried to rip her toddler from her arms earlier this week. The woman turns out to have a criminal record, and police figured out after talking to neighbors that the whole thing was made up, which the woman ultimately admitted under questioning.

She's now facing a charge of filing a false report, and could face up to six months in jail. But she has not been arrested, as this is a misdemeanor.

The woman had told this story in great detail of being in her yard with her two kids when this man approached and began complimenting them. She said after she picked up her three-year-old that the man began pulled at the child's legs trying to take her. This resulted in panic in her Dayo Court neighborhood, and a police sketch being released on Wednesday.

After investigators canvassed the neighborhood in search of the man, talking to neighbors, the woman's lie came to light.

It's unclear for what offenses she already has a record.