Holy heck, you guys. A shop devoted to the art of bread pudding is opening up in Hayes Valley. And it opens tomorrow. This should be important to you for bead pudding was made by the angels above. Anyway, it's called Schulzies Bread Pudding and it opens Saturday at 11 am.

Hayeswire has the story:

Sarah Schulz and her San Francisco counterpart Julie Hurlbert have put every ounce of their energy and care into realizing their dream of a Hayes Valley franchise (the original Schulzies is located in Santa Monica). The space now glows warmly onto the street in the evening, inviting patrons to stop in and try a taste.

The duo also went through logistical hell to get the place open, resulting in pushed back grand-opening dates and even a Kickstarter to recoup cost of the delays. Help them out by checking them our tomorrow afternoon. Schulzies boasts 108 flavors with whimsical names like I Sigh for Acai Berry, BJ&Joy, and Donut Divinity.

Schulzies Bread Pudding: 364 Hayes (at Gough), SF

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