Muni wants to name their tunnel-boring machines, and now is your chance to help name them! These state-of-the-art, 300-foot-long excavators will be named after historic San Francisco women. And because San Francisco is San Francisco, the selection isn't too exciting. Big Alma, Juana, Mom Chung, Firebelle Lil, and Mary Ellen are our ONLY choices.

This buffet of noted XX-chromosone carriers, though estimable, is a bit off. Preferable names are as follows:

Isadora Duncan (because dance!)
Carol Channing (if you need us to tell you why, you need to figure out where and how your life went so wrong)
Phyllis Diller (her laugh alone is reason enough)
Jeanette MacDonald (who stood there, in the ruins, and sang)
Denise Hale (she's the reason you're watching Downton Abbey)
The female cast of The Joy Luck Club (best quality heart)
Vivian and Marian Brown (you know why)


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