Software mogul and self-diagnosed not-insane person John McAfee is about to see his life flash before him on the silver screen. Or at least the part that begins with him living in Belize with underaged girlfriends, experimenting with various jungle drugs before going on the lam, accused of murdering his neighbor. As Vulture reports this morning, Warner Brothers is nearing a deal that will translate Joshua Davis' Wired magazine report to the big screen. But one question looms: who should play the 66-year-old drug-addled creator of the world's first anti-virus software?

According to Vulture, directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra of Crazy, Stupid Love fame are attached to direct, but bringing back Steve Carell for another lead turn would probably put John McAfee's Zero Dark Virus Scan (working title we just came up with) in the realm of a druggier and even more depressing Dan in Real Life. Johnny Depp is probably the only person who can make that sort of obscene experimental drug use look completely normal after two turns as Hunter Thompson. But if we're being honest with ourselves here, Requa and Ficarra should take a hard look at Al Pacino. At 72, Pacino is bit on the older side, but he did just wrap a TV movie based on Phil Spector — another innovator who completely lost his shit.

Oh, and SPOILER ALERT: the McAfee flick probably ends, depressingly, at a McDonald's in Miami.

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