You want to park on Sundays? Well, parking costs. And right here is where you start paying ... in sweat. And in money. Just pay in money, actually. See, starting this Sunday, parking in San Francisco will no longer be free.

What does this mean? It means that, come Sunday, a slew of angry drivers will throw temper tantrums along city sidewalks upon the realization that, alas, they must throw down minor coinage to park. Be sure to point and laugh as you whiz past them on your bike, you cruel hippie.

The reason for charging vehicle space on God's day? Because businesses are open on Sundays. "Back in the 1940s, most businesses were closed on Sundays, so there was no need for metering," SF MTA spokesman Paul Rose tells the Chronicle. "But now it's just like a Saturday, with businesses open and plenty of traffic."

Seen mainly as a way of dealing with parking management, and not necessarily a revenue program, the Sunday meters will make an estimated $1 million by June 30.