George Lucas has just become engaged to his longtime girlfriend, 43-year-old finance expert Mellody Hobson. Hobson and Lucas met at a business conference about six years ago, and as they told Oprah last year, the relationship works because they're both "extraordinarily open-minded people."

Hobson is the president of her own investment firm, Ariel Investments, based in Chicago, and she's apparently been a longtime friend of Oprah. The couple appeared on her "Oprah's Next Chapter" show in January 2012, and the video of that is below.

As we discussed in the fall, Lucas just sold LucasFilm to Disney for $4 billion, so he's not exactly sweating it these days, and Hobson's done alright for herself over the years too, having been president of her firm since 2000.

Lucas has two adopted daughters and an adopted son, and was previously married to Marcia Lou Griffin from 1969 and 1983.

No word on where or when the two will wed.

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