A violent car crash at 8 a.m. this morning at the intersection of 21st and South Van Ness resulted in the deaths of two people, a man and a woman, both in their twenties.

A man known to police who was fleeing from being pulled over a few blocks away blew through two intersections before ramming into a white Toyota at very high speed, killing a female passenger and seriously injuring the driver. The car was sent careening across the intersection and onto a sidewalk in front of Muzio's Wine and Liquor Store, hitting a male pedestrian who was also killed.

The suspect driver was spotted following reports of shots fired near 14th and Guerrero, at the Valencia Gardens housing project. The suspect, driving a black Chevrolet Impala, pulled over east of 21st Street but sped away as soon as police had gotten out of their car to approach.

According to neighbors who spoke to the Chronicle, the crash was violent enough that it sounded like an explosion.

The driver of the Toyota was taken to S.F. General with life-threatening injuries.

The suspect, whom police have not yet identified, was treated for minor injuries and taken into custody. A gun was found in his car.