During the wildly successful gun buyback program at the Omega Boys Club in San Francisco on Saturday, local gun owners turned in nearly 300 firearms to the SFPD. (Likewise in Oakland, where residents handed back another 300 weapons.) The program was so successful, that the private funds set aside to cover the $200-per-gun buyback price ran out before organizers could reimburse every customer who came to drop them off.

According to Bay City News, about half of the people who turned in weapons received $200 vouchers instead of cash. "We far exceeded whatever we thought we could get ... based on all the other gun buybacks," SFPD Chief Greg Suhr said. Now, the department is seeking out additional funding sources to pay back the vouchers. (And, one hopes, help fund additional buyback programs in the near future.)

In Oakland, where the turnout also exceeded expectations, organizers managed to hit up at least one of their funding sources for additional cash during the event. Organizers there still ran out of funds before the end of the day, but reportedly made arrangements for anyone turned away to hand over their guns at a later date.

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