A two-alarm fire broke out at the Fleishhacker pool house next the San Francisco Zoo parking lot on Saturday afternoon. Firefighters have ordered and evacuation around the area (though we're being told that, according to zoo officials, SF Zoo has yet to evacuate patrons). An unconfirmed Twitter report from @Emergency_In_SF says that the historic building has collapsed and one firefighter suffered smoke inhalation.

Anthony Brown, the penguin keeper at the zoo, snapped and tweeted this shot of smoke coming from the historic building. Brown also shot video of the fire in action.

Built by philanthropist Herbert Fleishhacker in 1924, the pool hosted thousands who came to frolic and swim in the warm waters pumped directly into the pool from the Pacific Ocean. The pool closed in 1971. In 1999, the San Francisco Zoological Society took over ownership of the historic building, and the swimming pool itself was filled with rocks and gravel, with the space serving as a parking lot for the zoo. According to Wikipedia, "The poolhouse is currently derelict and occupied by the homeless."

We'll update as soon as we know more.

Update: According to KGO, "Ticket sales halted for today at SF Zoo as Flyshaker Bldg. burns at the edge of the property."