Remember when bath salts were all the rage ? Well, it's back in the news and worse than ever. One Tuesday, police found a "highly agitated female" standing in the middle of an intersection and screaming gibberish. The barefoot 24-year-old woman had to be restrained to a gurney, and the fuzz suspects she was flying high on bath salts.

She is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

As for the drug itself? Well, it's bad. Or so we hear. "Bath salts and spice are becoming an increasingly difficult problem for law enforcement as they are new and research is still being done on the effects and health risks related to these substances," Fremont police spokeswoman Geneva Bosques explained to The Argus. "Bath salts are believed to be linked to multiple suicides throughout the nation and Fremont Police Department has seen at a couple of cases with people on bath salts who are out of control or highly irrational."

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