Andy Anduha, the "Bicycle Bandit" famously doused with bear spray this week after attempting to steal a bait package, claimes that he's a victim of vigilantism and entrapment -- or so says his attorney. Anduha's lawyer, Deputy Public Defender Paul Myslin, said in court on Thursday that "his client should be released on his own recognizance in what he said was a case of 'vigilantism' on the part of the resident."

"It was a fake package, put there specifically there with the intent to entrap Mr. Anduha," Myslin argued in court. "She took the law into her own hands rather than follow the proper procedures."

If you recall, Anduha was finally caught by Sonya Yu who had finally had enough of having her packages stolen from her front door on the 3600 block of 22nd Street in Noe Valley. After setting up a sting operation using an empty box, Yu bear-sprayed the suspect, chased him with a sword, and placed him under citizen's arrest while tweeting the entire ordeal. "It feels good so good to catch that fucker," she quipped after Anduha was hauled away by police.

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