Instagram proved very popular over the Thanksgiving holiday. But while you were snapping pics of pumpkin pie and fall-themed manicures, kdotcdott posted a shot of a flier found at a San Francisco Frjtz Fries. The ad uses the now famous UC Davis pepper-spraying cop to sell meyer lemon hot sauce, and not everyone is happy about it.

Though police brutality isn't not funny, the iconic image of a well-worn campus cop attacking peacefully protesting students with a blanket of caustic chemicals proved irresistable for many and resulted in countless parodies. Thus a meme was born. Some within the Occupy movement, however, don't find Fritz's ad kosher and have asked for a boycott of the local french fry purveyor. "[D]o u think #PoliceBrutality is funny?? Me neither. #BoycottFrjtz Restaurant!" exclaims @Anon4Justice. While anti-Facebook Twitterer @Burnman asks, "#WTF were you thinking @Frjtz? Mocking rights violations & brutality in marketing collateral?"

SFist talked to an employee at the Mission District Frjtz on Monday to learn more. "Yes," someone at Frjtz explained to SFist when asked if the flier in question upset some patrons. The controversial yet eye-catching fliers, we were also told, are still being used to sell sauce.