San Francisco's most cultured food eater, former Mayor Willie Brown went outside his comfort zone recently. Meaning his girlfriend took him out for dim sum at the city's decorated house of dumplings, Yank Sing on Stephenson Street. And how was his experience? "I was in a hurry," he writes in this week's Inside Scoop column, "I wanted to go to Subway."

But Da Mayor, who continues to namedrop his favorite fresh eating franchise was denied his usual footlong spicy Italian. Instead, Willie and girlfriend Sonya Molodetskaya spent a good 35 to 40 minutes fawning over the steaming baskets of dumplings, resulting in a limp description of his dinner:

Everything came in a wrapping and we could eat only with our chopsticks. We also had various pork, beef and shrimp dumplings, then came another cart with lidless baskets filled with deep fried shrimp, spring rolls and other fried foods, all of which came to our table.

To paraphrase: "Everything was food and it all came to our table." Anyhow, if you're looking for a sexier description of the dim sum experience, we might suggest Tom Limoncelli's excellent treatise: Dim Sum and Polyamory — two things Willie can now say he has experience with.

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