Just to update you on the still ongoing saga of reinstated Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. We learn today he'll be attending a "healing arts" festival on November 24 at Dance Mission Theater, along with wife Eliana Lopez, organized by spiritual leader MamaCoatl in recognition of the United Nations’ annual International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls.

As City Insider reports, the event is meant to combat the epidemic of femicide, and to give “men and women who have endured violence” a space to heal. As MamaCoatl says of Mirkarimi's attendance, "This is about healing, so he’s invited and he is going to receive a healing. We’re not saying we are inviting this person because he never committed violence. We’re not saying we’re organizing because we are free of violence, on the contrary we are saying, ‘Let’s come together and heal.’”

In related news, Mirkarimi sent a letter to Mayor Ed Lee responding to the Mayor's call to curb Mirkarimi's powers when it comes to overseeing domestic violence programs and to disciplining staff who may be convicted on domestic violence charges. Mirkarimi agreed, in the letter, to recuse himself and put an undersheriff in charge when staffers must be disciplined on domestic violence charges, however he says he has no role in administrating domestic violence programs in the department. He pledged to continue to "promote, enhance and seek ongoing funding for violence prevention programs, including those addressing domestic violence."

Apparently the Mayor's office is still "reviewing" Mirkarimi's letter. But Lee’s spokeswoman Christine Falvey said Friday, "It is fairly clear that the sheriff has not adequately responded to concerns about his role in administering domestic violence and the clear conflicts of interest that arise from his status as a probationer."

And, that recall effort is rolling, and Mirkarimi is starting to get a little worried.

Also, in case you were not aware, Mirkarimi just collected more than $100,000 in back pay after being suspended without pay since March.


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