Over the weekend, RuPaul released the first trailer and teaser interviews with the cast of Season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race, which premieres in January. And finally, finally, we have someone to represent San Francisco in the new cast: Miss Honey Mahogany.

For four seasons straight, gays all over town have wondered why no San Francisco drag queens have made it through the audition process, and many have suggested that this was due to some sort of prejudice, perhaps, against S.F.'s more ragtag, genderfuck, avant garde, occasionally unshaven, de-glamorized drag style. Last season's winner, however, Sharon Needles, was pretty close in her personal style to S.F.'s, and local fans of the show saw her win as a step in the right direction, after three straight seasons of more conventionally pretty winners.

Honey Mahogany, who often sings with a live mic (as opposed to lip synching like almost everyone else), is probably a good queen to represent San Francisco on the show. As you can see in the interview above, she's a good looking woman, and glamorous enough to pass muster with judges Michelle Visage and Santino Rice, along with Ru herself. We wish her the best! We also gather that, in anticipation of her worldwide fame once the show starts, Honey is hard at work on some music, and maybe even a dance track, of her own. (She also just performed at SomeThing at the Stud on Friday, and at this event at the Midnight Sun on Friday, and will likely be popping up more around town in the months to come.)

In the video, she talks about the origin of her drag name, which actually just came from the two shades of Revlon foundation that matched her skin tone when she started doing drag. Also, she talks about being part of the drag community in San Francisco which is a little more "artsy" and dark and "blood-and-guts" than she tends to be. Also, she sings.

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