A 21-year-old Napa County man was busted yesterday for burglarizing six homes up in wine country, including two trips Nancy Pelosi's vacation home outside of St. Helena. After his first trip to the Pelosi estate on November 5th, wine country transient Kevin Michael Hagan returned to loot the Minority leader's home on election day, but was eventually busted at another break-in nearby.

A caretaker at the Pelosi home noticed evidence of the second break-in when the plywood covering the smashed glass doors had been removed and it was apparent someone had been rifling through drawers and cabinets. On Wednesday, Napa County Sheriff's deputies responded to another break-in (also called in by a caretaker) at a residence nearby on Silverado Trail. Hagan was found inside the home, the sixth he had looted in past week or so, and admitted to pilfering items from several homes on Zinfandel Lane.

According to authorities, Hagan did not originally realize he had broken into the home of the former Speaker of the House, but he was aware of the Congressional connection when he returned the second time. The only valuables he managed to take from the Pelosi estate, however, were a watch and a coin collection. He also had a pair of those fancy Bose headphones taken from one of Pelosi's neighbors.

Hagan was booked on suspicion of 10 counts of burglary, felony vandalism and a violation of probation for a couple of earlier burglaries. Although he has yet to be charged, NBC Bay Area reports he more or less confessed to the crimes when he took Sheriff's deputies to the various properties he knocked over.