The man accused of smashing an 8X-Bayshore bus window just after the World Series says he's "very ashamed" of his actions. He also says he's not guilty. Gregory Tyler Graniss, 22, pleaded not guilty on Monday to felony vandalism and willful tampering with a passenger transit vehicle.

SF Appeal reports:

Graniss, who came to court with his parents, spoke only briefly during the arraignment this afternoon. However, his attorney Douglas Rappaport said outside of court that his client acknowledges his role in the vandalism and is asking for forgiveness from San Franciscans.

"The Giants' victory was amazing and it really brought out the best in San Francisco and unfortunately the worst in Gregory," Rappaport said. "He is very ashamed of his actions and very, very sorry."

And get this: the damaged bus, which cost an estimated $700,000 and had just went $300,000 in touchups, won’t be recouped "because the transit agency’s insurance policy doesn’t cover damage caused by arson."

Graniss is scheduled to appear in court on December 17.

Meanwhile, this guy, who helped Graniss in his alleged assault of a Muni bus, is still at large.