With the tagline "Geeks are definitely the new rock stars" [gag], new Silicon Valley-based reality show Start-Ups premieres on Bravo tonight. As we've mentioned before, the executive producer of this possible atrocity is Randi Zuckerberg, Zuck's sister who quit Facebook last year in order to launch her own media company. And this show, ladies and gentlemen, is her first big effort.

We'll try to reserve judgment until we can actually watch this thing, but that is going to be very hard, especially after having watched this preview twice. Two, count 'em two, of these so-called "geeks" have British accents, and they all seem pretty insufferable. They speak in clichés, like "I have a work-hard, play-hard mentality...," they throw toga parties, and they are the reason no one can afford an apartment right now.

Anyway, just for you, Andrew Dalton is going to live-blog this premiere tonight on Twitter (@sfist with the hashtag #startupssfist), because it's clearly a major local television event worthy of everything we can throw at it.

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