This unruly Giants fan, spotted using the Giants World Series win as an excuse to act out every Muni commuters not-so-secret fantasy, was arrested Tuesday night around 7 p.m. in San Francisco. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Internet meme machine and countless "dislikes" on Facebook, the fan/vandal (fandal?) was identified as one 22-year-old Gregory Tyler Graniss.

Graniss was booked into S.F. County Jail on two felony charges of vandalism and destroying a passenger transit vehicle according to the SFPD. In a statement, Police Chief Greg Suhr made sure to make an example of Graniss, while also noting that those who set the bus on fire are still at large:

“This was a senseless act of destruction and there is no tolerance for such criminal behavior in San Francisco... With assistance from the public, investigators moved swiftly to identify this suspect and make an arrest. Investigators are also working tirelessly to identify those responsible for setting the bus on fire and to bring them to justice.”

Elsewhere, Mayor Lee called the vandals "knuckleheads" in that oh-so-muppet-like voice of his. District Attorney Gascón and City Attorney Herrera also vowed to work together to prosecute and sue any of those "knuckleheads" that the police manage to track down.

Although we have the Internet to thank for helping the SFPD nab the testosterone-fueled sports fan, there was some confusion around his actual identity. Tony Lukezic of San Francisco unwittingly became San Francisco's public enemy No. 1 when he used the Chronicle's photo for his Facebook profile picture after some of his friends told him, "Hey, this guy looks like you." When his personal information was threateningly spread around the comments section on the Red Devil Lounge's facebook post, Lukezic told Wired, "it sucks for 15 minutes of fame. Lesson Learned."

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