There is absolutely nothing fancy or hip about this place. They serve nachos. Oh boy, do they serve nachos. Not the nachos you are used to ordering, San Francisco, but the kind a 7-11 store is used to serving. The kind with the orange drizzly cheese. The right kind. The place called Louie's and it's hidden behind Yank Sing on Stevenson in downtown San Francisco.

We were first introduced to Louie's in 2011 by political columnist Melissa Griffin. We have returned regularly ever since. Why do we like it so much? Because they always know what crap drink we're drinking (white wine). It's not in the Mission. It's not in the Marina. The regulars play dice at the bar, drunkenly. The wonderful lady bartender fills our glass to the rim. The booze-soaked stumble home down Stevenson is downright gorgeous (the Palace Hotel sign light guides one safely). And, well, the aforementioned orangey nachos.

Further, Louie's is generally filled with downtown business types wearing their finest Men's Warehouse or Chico's attire -- a refreshingly self-conscious-free environment is what we're getting at, folks. It's a dive-ish bar/grill (who uses "grill" anymore? Louie's does, that's who) for people who like dive bars, not a dive bar for assholes who say they like dive bars but then go to Bender's.

Giants try to get even with St. Louis starting at 5 p.m. We'll recommend a watering hole per game as long as the Giants remain the postseason.

Louie's Bar and Grill: 55 Stevenson (at Ecker Pl), S.F., 415-543-3540

* Niners fans will be out in full force too. Brace yourselves. Football fans are rowdy and, dare we say, uncouth.