A man known for dressing up in an Elmo costume and harassing tourists in Times Square with anti-Semitic rants has apparently decamped to San Francisco for the week, where he's doing the same at Fisherman's Wharf. He claims he's making way more money here, too, because he's the only (racist) cartoon character at the Wharf.

The man, who's name is Adam Sandler (no relation), was spotted in costume in Rossi Park on Sunday, as SFGate's Poop blog reports, trying to hug kids. Cops showed up, arrested him, and true to form he started going nuts and screaming anti-Semitic slurs. A concerned parent did a little digging and figured out he was one and the same Elmo who's been terrorizing New York, and the same man who once ran a porn site out of Cambodia called "Welcome to Rape Camp."

Then a NYT blogger with a direct line to Sandler contacted him and confirmed that yes, he's in S.F., working the Wharf, and "feasting on sashimi." He denied, however, ranting in Rossi Park. And where's he off to after another weekend of collecting tourist dollars in S.F.? Los Angeles, of course.

In the delightful clip below, you can see Mr. Sandler being arrested in Central Park and continuing to rant, "We're having a problem with filthy, stinking Jews in New York. ... If they're bothering me in an Elmo suit, what are they doing to you?" Also, he recommends The International Jew by Henry Ford, a tome that was said to have influenced Hitler and various Nazi higher-ups.