Two 24-year-old men claiming to be UC Berkeley law students had something of a wild, deplorable night in Las Vegas. Last week, the duo were spotted by surveillance cameras at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino chasing a 14-year-old Helmeted Guineafowl into some trees inside the casino's Wildlife Habitat attraction. According to the Las Vegas Metro Police, a bystander later witnessed the pair coming out of said trees carrying the bird's lifeless body and its severed head.

The Daily Cal reports that the two suspects, identified as Eric Cuellar and Justin Teixeira, were booked on suspicion of conspiracy and willful malicious torture/killing of wildlife. Both were found with student ID cards in their possession and their names appear in the UC Berkeley student directory.

Neither the Daily Cal's report nor the Las Vegas Metro PD's statement [PDF] makes any mention of the two men being intoxicated at the time.

SFist will, of course, continue to update as this bizarre story unfolds.