The political protection nonsense on part of the California Public Utilities Commission is chilling and disgusting. If you recall, the CPUC issued creepy cease-and-desist orders to both Lyft and SideCar, making inane claims regarding both companies not having official carrier permits. However, said companies do not need such permits since the fares are "suggested donations." So ha. (Uber also had a similar cease-and-desist order placed against it, which has yet to hurt the noted town car service. So double ha, PUC).

Anyway, why don't you tell the PUC how you feel by signing this petition. San Francisco's (intentional) cab shortage issue has had a stranglehold on the city for years. And car-sharing services have been a breath of minty fresh air. Neither the PUC nor the SFMTA (who will launch its own investigation into the companies, because cabbies are peeved) will take it away from us.

But wait, what are regular folks like you saying about these newfangled ride-sharing services? Well, as for your SFist editor, we have never been kicked out of a cab for (ahem) snuggling with a date, as we have on two separate occasions while using SF taxis. (Thanks, Homobiles!)

Anne Marie Moore says, "As far as the safety factor....i've never been kicked out of an Uber car in the middle of SOMA at 3am cause the driver suddenly realized his shift is almost over & my drop is to far out of his way. Uber is reliable, clean, SAFE, available & in the end just amazingly pleasant. SF Taxi Services should be scared."

SFist commenter hillarys_new_shoes describes a common cab-mare, saying, "The Sidecars that delivered me to and from the HSBG Festival this Friday and Sunday were clean, courteous, and defensively driven. In stark contrast to the Yellow Cab that almost got us in TWO accidents driving us one-way to the Festival last year."

And mike3k notes, "A few weeks ago I had to take a regular taxi home from Berkeley when I couldn't get either a Lyft or Uber and the last BART had gone. I was scared for my life has he careened around the city like a maniac."

Here's the petition:

Sidecar and Lyft are examples of innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to a real world problem. In cities like San Francisco, Taxis fit only one part of our transportation needs. As with many areas of our community, new ventures bring fresh ideas. It's time that these much needed services for our community be supported by policy makers. Sidecar and Lyft have both received a warm reception from customers and drivers as they enrich our economy, tread lightly on our wallets and reduce stress on the environment. It's time for us to insist on innovative transportation alternatives.

And here's where you can sign it.