Pearl Jam, for obvious reasons, didn't publicize the concert they just did on Treasure Island Wednesday night for Oracle World. But they had a private audience of some 50,000 people, and Eddie Vedder took to the mic and tried not to sound embarrassed about being a band-for-hire at a corporate event.

You can hear some bootleg recordings of the concert here, via LiveSoMa. You can also see them perform here. And basically the band tried to do a standard show, even though the audience wasn't necessarily composed of all fans. Below, Vedder's only comments regarding where they were, and who was paying them:

Good to be here celebrating the fruits of your labor. Congratulations. Good on you. I think we thought we were playing some guy named Larry’s backyard but it’s a big yard and he’s got a lot of friends. I heard there’s maybe 50,000 of you friends and coworkers all congregating here in this beautiful city on a beautiful summer day… that would quantify as a small town, so this one is for y’all.

That was the intro to the song "Elderly Woman." Anyway, they did a 19-song set, including three encores, and we're sure the Gen Xers among the Oracle conference attendees were at least amused, if not all thrilled.

Below, some footage from their show:

[Live SoMa]