Tonight President Barack "Landslide" Obama and Mitt "Mondale" Romney will face off in a battle of wits, tie colors, and foundation makeup to vie for the decidedly dim undecided voters' attention. And you should probably watch since it's a biggie, certain to be parodied on one of all of your favorite satire-based comedy shows. But don't watch it alone! That would be disastrous for your mental health. Here's where you can watch tonight's debate with other people, ones who are lilt on one or more boozy concoctions:

500 Club (500 Guerrero)
The Mix (4086 18th Street)
Kezar Pub (770 Stanyan)
Mad Dog in the Fog (530 Haight)
The Connecticut Yankee (100 Connecticut)
Rye (688 Geary)
Temple (540 Howard)
Shotwell's (3349 20th Street)

Awaken Cafe (1429 Broadway, Oakland)

Presidential debate to be broadcast on UC campus

Please, please let us know of any other venues (preferably in Oakland and Berkeley) airing tonight's debate. Thank you.

Also, we strongly recommend following Patton Oswalt on Twitter. He's funny, bright, and will live-tweet the entire thing. (Related: Did anyone catch Chuck Wollery lose his collective shit on Twitter last night regarding the government? It was an Ambien-related meltdown and, in a word, brilliant.)