Target 10 (via SF Weekly) turns your attention to this helpful infographic that, once and for all, gives proof that queer folks drink more and dine out more often than their heterosexual brethren. It's not surprising since LGBT ilk are far more interesting and festive beings, with wildly complicated palates. Ha! Not really; gays are simply not as saddled with as many child-related expenses. Anyway, gay men and women are prone to enjoying all types of alcohol and spirits compared to their straight counterparts (except for beer).

Check out this chart and see for yourself:

There's also this takeaway that you should remember: "Not only are gays and lesbians more likely to consume certain types of alcohol, they're also likely to consume larger volumes of that type of alcohol." Listen closely and you can hear Boys in the Band playing somewhere softly in the distance.

To view the infographic in its entirety, please visit Target 10.