Though we predicted that Traci Des Jardins would nab the title last time around—we still think she should have won!—we are once again almost certain that a local will win. Incanto's bespectacled chef, Chris Cosentino, will probably take top honors on tonight's finale of Top Chef Masters. He should win for a myriad of reasons, but especially for his use of "smarty-britches" on last week's penultimate episode.

He also won many challenges, more than his finale competitor, so we are going to put our money on Chris. Fingers crossed.

Cosentino, for those who don't know, employs a "whole-animal" ethic in his cooking ideology. (Even his Twitter handle, @offalchris, reflects his gastronomical views.) He explained his views to Meat Paper thusly: "What I try to do is make people understand a whole-animal ethic. When people realize that this is a whole animal, that there is more than just the skeletal meats, sometimes that makes people step back, and they might not order any meat. They might have a vegetable entrée. Putting a face on what you're eating sometimes opens your eyes a lot."

This season saw not only local heavyweights competition, but also an appearance by LAist food editor Krista Simmons as a judge. Competing for the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research, Cosentino will go up against NYC-based Kerry Heffernan. Check your local listings.