In a bout of self-destructive behavior that would make a former child star proud, a woman managed to not only crash into the toll plaza on the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday afternoon, but get herself arrested for DUI, battery, and resisting arrest in the process. As KTVU reports, 26-year-old SF resident Shawnte Alexander allegedly crashed her 1992 Lexus into a buffer at the toll plaza early Saturday morning. After California Highway Patrol officers found evidence that she was drunk and attempted to load her into a patrol car, she responded by thrashing, spitting, and kicking one of them in the face.

The CHP officers restrained Alexander and took her to SFPD's Mission station, where she repeatedly tried to bite them before spitting on the technician who was drawing blood to determine her blood-alcohol content.

Alexander had two passengers with her in the car at the time of the crash, neither of whom were injured. We imagine both of them are probably going to be telling that my-friend-kicked-a-cop-in-the-face story for years to come.