What'd we tell you? C.W. Nevius couldn't wait to chime in once more about the nudists in the Castro, this time voicing his full support and commendation for Supervisor Scott Wiener's most recent threat to propose an all-out ban on public nudity. Of course this is an issue tailor-made for Nevius's get-off-my-lawn brand of opinion column-writing, and thus it's the second time he's ranted about it in the last two years — and just like the last time, he's focused on the fact there are children present in the Castro now. You know what Chuck? The gays came first.

And no, not all gays are nudists, but we're pretty sure that all those dudes hanging out in the plaza at Castro and 17th are gay, and they represent just the sort of freaky fringe element that makes San Francisco great. Do we always want to look at them? No. But the reason that, as Nevius puts it, "San Franciscans, and Castro residents, have bent the city's code of tolerance into a pretzel attempting to accommodate the nudies," is that we value this weirdness. It's not hurting anyone, and perhaps it gets slightly out of hand on certain sunny days (we're still thinking the dude with the fake beard and wig is the crux of the lewdness problem), but the Neviuses of the world should just steer clear of the Castro. They don't need to go there if they don't want to, and they don't need to buy property there. Just as you shouldn't move to the Haight and start stomping up and down the street telling people to stop smoking weed, you shouldn't move to the Castro and tell the gays to stop being naked and putting dildos on display in shop windows.

We'd like to point out that we have traversed that Plaza just about every afternoon or evening for the past couple of years, and we can say with certainty that Nevius's mention of "public sex acts" is unfounded. Wig guy aside, all those guys are pretty harmless, and the tourists all, inexplicably, adore them. If anything inappropriate has gone down, it was likely an isolated incident, and the cock ring thing is really just about vanity.

Nevius and Wiener seem to think that they are on the side of increasing "public opinion" that is moving toward support for a ban on nudity, however we think that San Franciscans will get more up-in-arms for their right to strip the more this issue gets talked up — and IF Wiener ends up proposing the ban, which he hasn't... he's still testing the waters. What's most likely to happen here is they're just going to add some wording to the 'lewdness' clause to include cock rings, or something like that.


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