Executive Chef Thomas McNaughton attributes much of his acclaim and award-winning prowess to the opportunities he had while in Bologna, Italy under the tutelage of the Tori family. And with that, Francesca Tori will be in the U.S. to teach classes on October 8-10 at Flour + Water on the fattening finesse of pasta making.

Just who in Dante's Inferno is the Tori family, you ask? "It has always been their family way to engage others and introduce them to the Italian culinary world," says Flour + Water. "Growing up alongside her nonna and bisnonna, Tori harnessed the craft of making hand rolled pastas and continued her journey by attending a pasta laboratory to refine her skills. Now she is in the States to share her knowledge."

Now, price runs at $250 per person. And, yes, that's a lot; however, it's in the Mission and that, for better or for worse, is what the Mission is all about in these our modern, masturbatory Mission times. Furthermore, at the end of class, students will sit down to a dinner prepared by flour + water, wine pairings included.

And see that pretty picture up there? That could be you.

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