Like nothing more than elbow fat off a frail Cosmo cover model, District 7 supervisor candidate Norman Yee photoshopped Supervisor John Avalos out of a recent mailer. Melissa Griffin (we strongly recommend you read her today; she's got wildly entertaining details on Mirkarimi sect members) uncovered the direct-mail doorhanger that erased the former mayoral candidate and noted D5 supervisor. She reports:

Check out these two pictures. The first was taken at a fundraiser for Norman Yee’s District 7 supervisorial bid. The second is being used by the Yee campaign in a direct-mail piece and doorhanger. Look closely and you can see that Yee has Photoshopped out Supervisor John Avalos’ face and inserted the face of another person already in the crowd.

Odd. Especially considering that a) Avalos generally comes off as one of the less screaming-into-a-bag-of-sand politicians in San Francisco, thus seemingly likable by more voters, and b) Avalos backed Yee's campaign. Griffin goes on to explain:

Avalos has endorsed Yee, so it’s not clear why the Yee campaign would want to get rid of his face, but Avalos isn’t listed on Yee’s campaign website as an endorser either. At any rate, the manipulation is clear: the shirt collar, hand, pants and shoes are all Avalos. The face, not so much.

In light of the article, Yee's sent SFist the following explanation, "My campaign made a mistake. I called John to tell him this." We also contacted Avalos for his side of the story, but have yet to hear back from him. Hopefully, all of this can be smoothed over at Buck Tavern over some beers and a few lingering bro hugs.

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