With visions of a crystalline diamond-cut iPhone 5 dancing in your head, a food truck or (vile) taqueria won't do. They just won't do. You need something chic (but not too chic since you have that causal-cool aura to keep in tact). You need Anna Weinberg and Jennifer Puccio's Park Tarvern.

Located in North Beach, Park Tavern is Marlowe's fancier yet larger younger sister who likes to dress up and have a good time on weeknights. She's fun like that. We, personally, prefer Park Tavern's deviled eggs, jerky, the now-famous hamburger, and the birthday cake when we're in a not-so-heathy mood. When we are feeling fit? We go for the veggies and Green Goddess. Compound the whole thing with a Fernet Ice Cream Float, and you have yourself the perfect Wednesday night in Washington Square Park. (Note: now open on Mondays!)

You're welcome.

Park Tavern: 1652 Stockton (at Filbert), SF, 415-989-7300