Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! It's almost here: new Apple gadgetry to make lives full again! Yerba Buena Gardens, where Apple's unleashes new iPhone announcements, revealed their exterior in anticipation for this week's iPhone 5 announcement (a cleaner, less splashier look compared to the previous decor). But what will the phone itself look like, you ask?

Well, according to Gizmodo, it's should be all kinds of fancy. "The phone will reportedly be a unibody design, with a two-tone back, and come in both black and white. And it turns out, all of the leaked internals fit perfectly into the leaked outer casing."

The screen size should increase a bit with a possible 4 inches (current iPhones measure 3.5 inches diagonally). Apple's fiercely anticipated doohickeys might also come with thinner screens that will allow for less LED use, thus taking up less space and saving you more precious battery power. Other rumors say that it could come with a much-needed new dock. Nowhereelse.fr has the next iPhone connector coming in at 9 pins (comparatively anorexic compared to the current 30-pin mammoth). And you might or might not be able to buy it on September 21.

Or the new iPhone could(/should) end up looking like the Hasbro Mickey Mouse Talking Phone. Who knows! Apple usually brims over with wacky surprises during announcement season.

The new iPhone reveal will come on Wednesday, September 12, in San Francisco.