Many local artisan baristas are considered the most horrible people on the planet due only to the fact that they still refuse to make iced espresso. (It bruises the flavor, we're often told, or some other utter nonsense.) Said baristas are worse than Hitler and Chris Brown combined. Other than that they seem like a thoughtful bunch who take great pride in their work. Take, for example, the talented pourers who took part in Coffee Bar's Second Annual Latte Art Throw Down.

Two journalists from UC Berkeley's J-School's Mission Local were on hand to report on the caffeine-meets-milk mastery. According to barista Jennifer Chhuth, as Mission Local points out, "good latte art is defined by symmetry, milk consistency and contrast between the white of the foam and the sepia shades of the espresso."

An estimated 100 people came to the Mission on Saturday night to watch baristas pour foamy milk into cups of espresso, which were then projected onto an eight-foot screen. And then Jesus came down from the clouds and stabbed everyone because it was the right thing to do. NO! We kid, of course. What happened was that Four Barrel Coffee's Alex Powar won for his "triple tulip," which earned him a glass "pimp chalice," a cash prize, and the envy of all.

Check out these images from the coffee frivolity and artistry.