Bob Short is a serious contender for the title of Top SF Mancave, having spent the past 30 years building a bar in his basement. Short, who's a retired union carpenter, decided to eschew cans of Bud at the neighborhood bar in favor of creating his own tricked-out boite, complete with a hand-milled walnut counter, a '50s jukebox, and a display of over 3,000 beer bottles from around the world.

The bar's not open to the public, but it's a popular spot with the Shorts' friends and neighbors. In a particularly masculine form of communication, Short uses songs on the jukebox to summon his three daughters downstairs for a drink (one of them tells the Chronicle that she's been assigned "Little Deuce Coupe.") Ironically, he doesn't much care for bartending, preferring to leave his guests to their own devices when it comes to drinking (as evidenced by the proliferation of beer cans in the article's photo slideshow).

Not even the threat of winter flooding could keep Short from his in-home bar; his entire family moved out for a year so that their house could be raised by three feet. We hope his neighbors are tipping well to pay off that one.