How dare he. We don't know what the hell is wrong with Michael Bauer, but the noted SF Chronicle food critic done tears it with this piece damning boiling-in-bag cooking (or, "sous vide" if you want to get fruity about it).

The nerve. The gall. He even jokes about banning it because, if done improperly, it can turn meat all mush-like. Uncle Ben must be steaming and fluffing in his grave. Why, just look at that image of flavorfulness at right. Tell us that doesn't look appetizing after a long day at the GM plant factory.

Naturally, many SF food media types latched onto the op-ed piece today, so we only feel obliged to follow suit. The esteemed critic does however, say that he's had mighty fine baggie food in his days -- specifically, a whole mess of short-ribs at Ad Hoc in 2006. Bauer even tips his hat to Thomas Keller's kitchen-staple cookbook called Just Like Ma Used To Make: Boil-In-Bag Supper Done Right.

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