First plucked from Facebook and then reported by SFist, the Eagle Tavern's lease will remain in the custody of the gays. The sparkly, festive queer community will retain their noted queer leather and rock venue in the heart of SOMA, thus staving off dangerous heterosexuality encroaching upon the area like a hurricane of untucked dress shirts, food trucks, and Axe Body Spray.

The lease was signed by Alex Montiel and Mike Leon, who posted this following on the the Eagle site:

It will take a couple of months to do the much-needed repairs and upgrades that the property requires, but some upcoming events are already in the works prior to the opening of the bar. Please check this website periodically for new announcements coming soon.

The bar and patio located at 398 12th Street has long been a special place, not only to the LGBT community, but to the entire community for decades, not to mention the live music community as well. We just couldn’t let such a historic place like this disappear!

We will continue to host fundraisers for all the organizations from the past, as well as welcoming new ones to make the S.F. Eagle the pride of our community once again.

We look forward to seeing all of you very soon!

Needless to say, we're a bit tickled. While we enjoy our Agricole and City Beer Store, we do not need another food-and-Playa-art-inspired venue in the area. ("Creativity" does not always equal "Burning Man," you know?) We want troughs and beards. Hopefully, Montiel and Leon will add a kicky modern twist to the place, so that patrons will want to return again and again, and not just bare their chests during Folsom or Dore.

Anyway, congratulations, local gays. This Bud's for you.