This just in: The San Francisco queer community gets to keep the Eagle. Via a very, very excited update on the Save the Eagle Facebook page, "Gays sign Eagle Lease!!!! Party at Lone Star 6 pm tonight!"

So there you have it. Thankfully, the noted leather bar didn't receive historical status, which would have been absurd and a bit misguided. (It's not hardly that old.) Anyway, now the real issue begins: turning it into a place LBGT ilk will actually go outside of Folsom Street Fair and Pride. Is it possible for a gay-owned business in SOMA to cull and maintain an audience without creating a venue that's just a bad echo of the '90s? Does it even need to be gay? And will we still be able to peer at other guy's reproductive units while taking a piss? Time will tell.

If you recall, the bar closed amid a swarm of controversy.

Details to come.

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