We told you the grim tale last week about the homeless woman, dubbed by neighbors as The Screaming Lady, who was fatally stabbed and had her throat slashed with a samurai sword outside a Walgreens in San Jose. Well, just a quick update: Police have a suspect in custody, and his name is Marquis Reynolds. The 37-year-old Reynolds had been a student of religious studies at San Jose State University between 2006 and 2007, and according to an acquaintance, he was friends with Shareef Allman, the 45-year-old man who open-fired on coworkers at that Cupertino quarry last fall, killing three people, before killing himself in a standoff with police the next day.

Rev. Jeff Moore II, who knew both men, confirmed their friendship for the Mercury-News. Moore is the head of the Silicon Valley chapter of the NAACP and says, "the two men worked on projects for CreaTV, the non-profit that programs for San Jose's community cable channels."

Moore also says that he did not know Reynolds to be the crazed, samurai-sword wielding (alleged) killer he turned out to be, but only as a "a happy, cheerful person." We'll go out on a limb here, given the earlier account of a Starbucks worker who claimed Reynolds had accused the homeless woman of putting "a black voodoo spell" on him, that he was perhaps off his meds.


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