No need to bring your kid into Bender's or Tradition to prove you and your kid are cool. Neither of you are—especially you. You have a child. You cannot be cool. You shan't be cool. And there's nothing wrong with that, you know. Quite the contrary. Shedding one's desire to appear rad proves very liberating (as any well-rounded thirtysomething can attest). And with that, sit back and try to enjoy the rest of your life with your little blessings at one of these fine San Francisco spots for drinkers with kids:

10. Dolores Park
What with the new playground, the city's favorite park is now one of your favorite places to enjoy that can of Modelo while watching little Jayden throw like a girl.

9. Nice hotel lounges
You know where you can bring your little money drainer while you get lit? Four-star hotel lounges. St. Regis. Four Seasons. The Ritz-Carlton. They don't care about kids. That's not their job. Their job is to deliver poshness and service. Sure, you'll pay through the uterus for a glass of wine or an expertly-made cocktail, but hotel lounges are quiet, recharging environments in which to drink... provided your kids aren't restless and/or monsters.

8. AT&T Park

7. The Ramp
A splendid spot for weekend brunch, bring along a few coloring books or an iPad to keep the kids entertained while you guzzle bloody marys with other moms, dads, and sun-starved locals. The Ramp is by no means a zoo, and maintains a mellow by-the-sea vibe, so there's no need to fear it becoming a playpen, child-free patrons. It's just very inclusive.

6. Pasta Pomodoro/Chevy's/et al.
These corporate chains, while just that, are designed for munchkin chaos, temper tantrums, and finicky eaters. Said chains also tend to serve massive (albeit gastronomically questionable) cocktails and cheap wine (Pasta Pomodoro boasts a half-off bottle of wine night).

5. Gialina
Forget Ragazza. That place, as great as it is, can overflow with terrible tech ilk and mindless sheep on Divisadero. Instead, head over to Gialina in Glen Park. Same everything, more or less, but it's nestled in the heart of Glen Park and thus more kid-friendly. For a bonus treat, check out Rockit Swirl a few doors down for an apres-pizza treat. Your kids will be bouncing off the walls. (Literally.)

4. The Taco Shop
This spot, located at 20th and Irving, "has a long bar, and clean picnic tables with thee most awesome tacos, and lots of good beer on tap," one mother explains to SFist.

3. Basso's
Not only does this Noe Valley institution stand as one of the few reminants of the neighborhood's blue-collar past, but it brim with tykes and chill parents at dinnertime. They serve the usual fare (e.g., stuff that kids enjoy like burgers, fries, milk, ice cream), and they have massive booths perfect for wiggly little kids. They're exceptionally kind and patient, too. Best of all, Basso's is attached to a bar, loaded with Giants/49ers fans on game days. Good place to watch the game, great place for a cocktail.

2. Park Chalet
Grassy area. Perfect for picnicking. Wait staff comes to your patch. Live music too.

1. Rigolo Café
Recommended by Leanne Maxwell, this sweet spot in Laurel Heights has it all: coffee, pastries, brunch, lunch, dinner, beer, wine, and... an enclosed play area near the dining tables that allows you to enjoy your meal while your child frolics nearby.

It goes without say, but we will anyway: Please don't drink and drive. #BabyOnBoard

[h/t: Karen Zuercher]