Being seen waiting in line at, say, Mission Chinese Food, is part if not most of the fun of going out. It's San Francisco's latest boosterism quirky fad. And it's quite gross, really, unless you're a masochist who gets off extending painful periods of anticipation. (Standing in line for something is akin to hoarding -- we just don't understand either sickness. Our fondness for antiseptic cleanliness and instant gratification are but things of the past, it seems.) And with that, we present to you the latest distraction, SF Loves Waiting In Lines.

It's got everything from lines in the Marina to lines in the Mission. Here people wait in line for chicken. Here they wait in line for coffee at a museum. It's not government cheese, people. So why wait? Bizarre. Anyway, be sure to visit SF Loves Waiting In Lines. It's a choice place to see what's hot and what to avoid to check out.

[h/t: Beth!]