The San Francisco 49ers returned to Candlestick Park for a preseason game against the Vikings last Friday night. The Niners got a good start, warming up Colin Kaepernick with 92 running yards and a TD in the 17-6 win over Minnesota, but things really got heated in the parking lot when one fan started waving a gun around while stuck in stadium traffic.

According to Bay City News, two witnesses saw a driver take out a .40 caliber semiautomatic and point it at another driver as they tried to exit on to Gilman Avenue. The two witnesses reported the incident to a cop nearby who found the driver still stuck in traffic at Gilman and Arelious Walker Drive. A search of the car turned up the weapon and loose bullets in the center console, police said. The suspect was arrested.

Last year, Niners fans and those terrified of gunplay will remember, the parking lots at Candlestick Park saw two shootings during a preseason game with the Raiders. The city responded to the incident by limiting tailgate hours and canceling the annual preseason matchup against Oakland.