Not to be outdone by Ms. Des Jardins, chef Hoss Zare (of Zare at Flytrap in SOMA) just posted this pic of himself posing with the late and too-great Julia Child. (Any other chef want to show us their Julia pic? Send them here!) Tomorrow, August 15th, would have been Child's 100th birthday.

Related: Michael Bauer has a thoughtful piece on the legacy of Julia, as well as her contemporaries (i.e., Marion Cunningham, Edna Lewis) that, alas, don't get the luminous Streep treatment. "[I]t’s interesting how soon we forget those who blazed trails before us," Bauer writes. "I’ve talked to chefs such as Gayle Pirie of Foreign Cinema and Russell Moore of Camino, who say that when they bring up Marion Cunningham’s name the young chefs don’t know who she was. Marion, who had Alzheimer’s and had been out of circulation for about five years, died last month."

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