After this weekend's SF Chefs festivities finished on Sunday, a bevy of service industry folks, salt-of-the-earth bartenders, and PR ilk headed to Jasper's Corner Tap & Kitchen for the second annual "pimp cup" competition.

First, yes, we agree with you. The usage of "pimp" in the title of an event, any event, does induce both a cringe and a wince. We get that. So do you. Because you're whip smart. However, this competition was nothing short of steam-releasing fun. Loads of drunken merriment. So, do check your notions of cool at the door, sourpusses. For the winner of the second-annual pimp cup competition scored a year's worth of free Negronis. And the winning chalice was most spectacular.

The winner of this year's competition was Ricky Pavia bartender at Rickhouse. He can also be found on Monday night's at Dalva/Hideout (he'll be helping help Hideout's new cocktail menu, which will launch on Tuesday at the Tango & Stache pop-up). Congratulations goes to Pavia for his laminated Lego cup of many colors.

Second place went to Connor Mack whose leather lavender shoes were, according to Mack, enough to render any cup he touched a pimp cup-worthy.

And finally, third place went to Rhachel Shaw, who mixes potency at Tradition, whose unicorn stuffed animal cup came replete with a straw and, of course, that undefinable unicorn magic.

The staff at Jasper's also had their personal picks, with a dazzling bedazzled Olympic cup taking top honors. Other entires and favorites you can see for yourself.