Tomorrow and on each Friday in August, BART will launch a pilot program that allow bikes on board its trains at all times of day called "Bike Fridays." Which is to say, the restrictive "bike blackout" commute hours will not go into effect. If successful, the test could result in permanent all-day bicycle access on BART, making public transit easier for cyclists.

Is this a good thing? YES! Very much so. "Bicycling is booming on both sides of the Bay. Allowing bikes on BART during peak commute hours opens up cross-bay travel by bike," says Leah Shahum, Executive Director of the SF Bicycle Coalition, who worked alongside BART to help create this pilot program.

Also, the SFBC offered up these helpful tips to bike riders on BART to make the pilot a success:

1. If the car is full, wait for another train and do not try to wedge a bike into a crowded car.
2. Refrain from holding doors to get your bike inside, as this delays the train.
3. Be mindful of your fellow riders and leave other people adequate space.
4. When possible, use the designated "bike space" on the cars that have it.
5. Yield to pregnant, disabled and elderly passengers.
6. Throw serious shade at commuters who wear giant backpacks on crowded BART trains.

OK, we made up #6. But it's still applicable. Also, for those not in the know, here's SFist's guide on how to behave on public transportation. You're welcome.