Burgerto.me, a recently launched website powered by hamburger delivery slaves service networking startup TaskRabbit is solving an age-old San Francisco dilemma. Namely, how does one get a Double-Double and a strawberry milkshake without first having to schlep their butt to Daly City or—shudder—Fisherman's Wharf? The answer, of course, is: pay someone else a premium to do it for you.

The service works through TaskRabbit, which if you're not familiar, is a bit like Uber Cab or AirBnB for random tasks like picking up anything from groceries, food, or your laundry. Be warned, burger-hungry internet users: if you're already signed up for TaskRabbit, burgerto.me's order form will have someone on the job almost immediately after placing your order, so be sure you're ready and willing to pay a $10 premium for the delivery. You'll pay for the food through the same service, once the handoff has been made.

SFist used the In-n-Out expediting site today. How was the burger once it arrived? It took roughly 50 minutes from the time we placed our order until said Double-Double and small strawberry shake arrived at SFist's Western Branch Office on Divisadero. The burger was in fine shape. Not cold yet, but calling it "warm" seemed like it would be a little too generous. The milkshake, on the other hand, had melted to an ideal temperature. Which is great if you're the sort of person who does not enjoy sucking concrete through a plastic straw until your cheeks turn inside out and you look like a fish.

The lengthy delivery time seems reasonable if you're not concerned about the temperature of your meat patties. Given how annoyingly far all the nearby In-N-Out locations are, a helicopter or a stunt driver on a motorcycle would probably be the only way to get a hamburger to the middle of the city faster and less efficiently. That said, we wouldn't really recommend the service as an ideal way to feed anyone but lazy, urban In-N-Out diehards, because every second matters when you're talking about thousand island dressing seeping in to paper sacks.

Our delivery driver Tory, who was unaware his performance would be reviewed on SFist, was about as friendly and clear as one could expect a stranger on the internet to be when asked to drive at least 20 minutes each way to retrieve fast food for someone they have never met. (And we should point out that users review every one of TaskRabbit's go-getters through the service as well.) Via text message, Tory asked politely: "Onions?" Which we declined, because onions are gross.

Burgerto.me is currently open for burger deliveries right now.