Beth Spotswood sent us harrowing images of her standing in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles this morning in Western Addition. Yuck. Though this is a city chockfull of people who love to stand in line for stuff, the DMV probably isn't one of them (unless it's an unusually hot day and you're just ying for A/C, which is actually a good tip if you're someone who plans their DMV jaunts in advance).

We asked Spotswood to tell us about he time at the DMV this morning. "I'm so boooooored," she explained, adding, "There are a smattering of hot guys here." Later, once inside the building, she mentioned, "I'm standing right by the light switch. Tempting!" When asked why she was even at the DMV at such an ungodly hour, she told us, "My tags. The criminal who stole my tags should have to wait in line for me. He or she would never cross the law again."

When asked why she didn't make an appointment first, Spotswood sighed, saying, "I thought when I would get here when they opened to beat the rush. I didn't think I'd need an appointment. Dumb!" Appointment issues aside, she was chided for taking a picture inside the building. We had no idea photography inside the DMV was verboten. "I didn't see any signs, but when I took one of the whole waiting room, the guard came over to me and said, 'no photos, ma'am. '"

Godspeed, Beth. Godspeed.