Canadian performer Charles Ross, who delighted the geeks of geekdome down in Silicon Valley last year with his One-Man Star Wars, returns to San Jose Rep to do his other show, a one-man version of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Like his earlier show, it's all done without costumes, or props, or a set. As Ross himself puts it, "It’s almost like watching an 8-year-old kid playact something they care about greatly."

Ross has been touring with both shows for the last several years, and his condensed, prop-free Star Wars re-enactment actually dates back 12 years. Of the Lord of the Rings saga, which he was granted rights to perform in 2009, Ross says, "I love the fact that it seems to promise if you come from a marginalized background, adventure will find you."

He'll be performing One-Man Lord of the Rings starting tomorrow night and through the weekend, July 24 to 29. Get tickets here.