The Chronicle's coffee-and-a-paper Sunday edition led with a nice easy reader on "only-in-SF" homes currently for sale. Besides namechecking Zynga CEO Mark Pincus' Russian stripper stalker, yesterday's piece offers a look inside Armistead Maupin's Parnassus Heights home where the "Tales of the City" author penned three of his novels over the past twenty years. "Many of my friends have visited me there over the years and their memory is stamped on it for me," Maupin told the Chronicle. Among those visitors was Lord of the Rings actor and Shakespearean heartthrob Ian McKellan, who left Maupin that innuendo-laced message about the nighttime activities of two beloved characters.

Since we don't have any way of knowing which of the three bedrooms in this adorable craftsman the two fictional characters allegedly shacked up in, we'll just leave this gallery of real estate photos right here to serve as inspiration for all the X-Men/LOTR fan fiction that should be flooding the Internet any minute now.

If you're looking to live out those Mutant-on-Wizard crossover fantasies yourself, the home that Maupin once described as "three narrow stories notched into the wooded slope," can be yours for just a hair under $1.2 million.

[27 Belmont Ave]